Here are notes with regard to the access permission of a logfile 
(default value: /var/adm/errfile) generated by the SUPER-UX error 


The access permission of a log file (default value: /var/adm/errfile)
generated by the SUPER-UX error daemon (errdemon) is 666, which means 
a general user has the write permission.
Although rewriting will cause no security problems, it may hinder
troubleshooting, so please change the permission to 644.

2.How to change

Execute the following command as a root. A relevant file is assumed to
be the default value  /var/adm/errfile.
# cd /var/adm
# chmod 644 errfile

3.Related versions
All versions before and including R12.2.

4.Resolution version
Problem is to be solved in R13.1

We apologize for all inconvenience it may cause.!!!!