It is said that the following problem about the September
        9, 2001 problem of UNIX may arise in connection with Y2K

          UNIX system adds 1 for every second with GMT/UTC 0:00 a.m.
          00 second on January 1, 1970 as starting point. If this value,
          which is the time_t type variable, becomes 1:46 a.m. 40 seconds on
          September 9, 2001, 9 figures will turn into 10 figures with the
          decimal number. A problem may occur to the program where the fixed
          field for 9 figures is set as the substitution place of this value.

        In SUPER-UX, the above problem will not occur because there is
        no place where the fixed field for 9 figures with the decimal
        number is applied.