[KC and LC correction package for SX-4 and SX-5] Rev 3.0 Aug 5, 1999


[1. Local correction packages for SX-4 and SX-5 ]

KC and LCs for SX-4/5 are provided for a bug fix and/or change of specification.  They should be applied to the system installing a released OS, or the program products of a local version.  When you find a LC to apply to your system from this WEB site, please refer to "Applying system" and "Applying condition" in a patch direction in order to decide if you should apply it or not.  You should apply only the product that you have purchased for LC.
For KC, you should basically apply all of the packages sequentially from younger ID.

[2. Procurement of local correction package]

Since the "pkgadd" command does not exist on SUPER-UX MINI system and some other platforms (i.e. HP), the package for SUPER-UX MINI system and some of the others are provided as a tared and compressed format.  All of other packages will be applied by using uncompress and pkgadd commands.

[3. Procedure to apply KC and LC]

This section explains the application of KC and LC by using pkgadd command.

1. Application of KC and LC
After uncompressing the package, please apply it by using pkgadd command.
# pkgadd -d `pwd`/*.pkg

2. Uninstallation of KC and LC
In case of mistake on the application of LC/KC or finding out a misfit, you can recover the original files by using pkgrm command.
# pkgrm LC610200
It is necessary to answer to the questions when pkgadd is executed.  Following is the example:

Do you backup the original files before applying this LC package ? (default:y)

---> Please answer "y" for the above question to save an original files.

Where should original files be stored in ? (full path) (default:/var/bkup/LC) [?]

---> Please answer directory name to save the original files.

Original files will be saved under the answered directory. We commend to prepare "/etc/defaults/lc" file to avoid answering the above mentioned two questions every time.  The file is provided as standard from SUPER-UX R6.1 Rev1.
Please use after commenting out "#".

Following is the example of "/etc/default/lc".

# Copyright (c) 1996 NEC Corporation.


Directory name to install package files.   In case of no definition, "/" directory is used as default installation directory.
If there is nothing specified as "Inst_dir", pkgadd will  ask to answer a directory name to install it when specified as YES.
Specify a directory name to save original files which will be replaced.  In case the parameter has been defined, the command does not ask to answer the directory.

In case the parameter has been defined as "NO", the command does not save any files.

Please allocate enough spool area specified at the variable of "LCBACKUPDIR".

Recommendable setup is to comment out at the variable of "Inst_dir" and to uncomment out at the variable of "Inst_dir_check".

For KC, please copy /etc/default/lc as /etc/default/kc and modify the valuable LCBACKUPDIR as KCBACKUPDIR
# pkginfo -c patch  will show the list of LC and KC applied on the system.

[4. ILC: Independent Local Correction]

ILC is the LC which is independent from OS release level.  These LC can be applied to the system which is SUPER-UX R7.2 or later.  ILC provides LC for following components;
F90/SX Self and Cross Compiler
C/SX Self and Cross Compiler