SUPER-UX Local Patches HPF
This page contains OS level independend local patches.
Please verify that the downloaded patches are complete with lccheck

  Most of the LC (local correction patch) could be applied by pkgadd  
  command if the patch ends with extension *pkg.

  Please read the corresponding patch direction (*.E file) carefully
  and decide if you want to apply them or not.

  Site restricted patches can not be applied, and patch for the
  product which are not installed in the system can not be applied
  as well.

  "lccheck" shell script is available under /pub/sxu/kclc_tools. This
  shell script will check whether your file transfer was complete one
  or not. Please change directory to where you placed patch & patch
  directions, and execute:
    lccheck PATCHID  (e.g. lccheck LC720103)

  to confirm if the sum of the files are correct or not.
  ! = This patch can only be applied to certain site(s).
       It only fixes the specific problem for that site and is not fully tested for other sites.
  Color means that no other patches are needed to reach that revision level.
  Incremental patches, you must install previous full package first.
  • To view the readme file for a patch, press the patch name in the table.
1051 HPF00009 HPF02006 HPF03006 HPF04006 HPF06006
1024 HPF00008 HPF02005 HPF03005 HPF04005 HPF06005
872 HPF00007 HPF02004 HPF03004 HPF04004 HPF06004
846 HPF00006 HPF02003 HPF03003 HPF04003 HPF06003
761b HPF00005     
761 HPF00004 HPF02002 HPF03002 HPF04002 HPF06002
725 HPF00002     
712 HPF00001 HPF02001 HPF03001 HPF04001 HPF06001