SUPER-UX Local Patches F90
This page contains OS level independend local patches.
Please verify that the downloaded patches are complete with lccheck

  Most of the LC (local correction patch) could be applied by pkgadd  
  command if the patch ends with extension *pkg.

  Please read the corresponding patch direction (*.E file) carefully
  and decide if you want to apply them or not.

  Site restricted patches can not be applied, and patch for the
  product which are not installed in the system can not be applied
  as well.

  "lccheck" shell script is available under /pub/sxu/kclc_tools. This
  shell script will check whether your file transfer was complete one
  or not. Please change directory to where you placed patch & patch
  directions, and execute:
    lccheck PATCHID  (e.g. lccheck LC720103)

  to confirm if the sum of the files are correct or not.
  !new! Revised F90 rev260 manual for customer who bought it, can be found here.
  ! = This patch can only be applied to certain site(s).
       It only fixes the specific problem for that site and is not fully tested for other sites.
  Color means that no other patches are needed to reach that revision level.
  Incremental patches, you must install previous full package first.
  • To view the readme file for a patch, press the patch name in the table.
500 F9000069       F9007020
462 F9000068       F9007019
461 F9000067       F9007018
460.1 F9000066       F9007017
460 F9000065      F9005019 F9007016
451 F9000064     F9006040 F9005018 F9007015
450 F9000063     F9006039 F9005017 F9007014
441 F9000062     F9006038 F9005016 F9007013
440 F9000061     F9006037 F9005015 F9007012
430 F9000060     F9006036 F9005014 F9007011
420 F9000059     F9006035 F9005013 F9007010
411 F9000058     F9006034 F9005012 F9007009
410 F9000056     F9006033 F9005011 F9007007
403 F9000055       F9007006
402 F9000054       F9007005
400 F9000052     F9006032 F9005010 F9007004
393 F9000051 F9002046    F9006031 F9005009 F9007003
392 !
(site restricted)
F9000050       F9007002
360 F9000049 F9002045    F9006030 F9005008 F9007001
340 F9000047 F9002044   F9004042 F9006029 F9005007  
335 F9000046 F9002043   F9004041 F9006028 F9005006  
316 F9000045 F9002042 F9003040 F9004040 F9006027 F9005005  
315 F9000044 F9002041 F9003039 F9004039 F9006026 F9005004  
313 F9000043 F9002040 F9003038 F9004038 F9006025 F9005003  
305 F9000042 F9002039 F9003037 F9004037 F9006024 F9005002  
302 F9000040 F9002037 F9003035 F9004035 F9006022   
285 F9000039 F9002036 F9003034 F9004034 F9006021   
281 F9000038 F9002035 F9003033 F9004033 F9006020   
274 F9000037 F9002034 F9003032 F9004032 F9006019   
270 F9000036 F9002033 F9003031 F9004031 F9006018   
267 F9000035 F9002032 F9003030 F9004030 F9006017   
264 F9000034 F9002031 F9003029 F9004029 F9006016   
262 !
(site restricted)
F9000033 F9002030    F9006015   
260 F9000032 F9002029 F9003028 F9004028 F9006014   
254 !
(site restricted)
F9000031 F9002028      
253 F9000030 F9002027 F9003027 F9004027 F9006013   
250 F9000029 F9002026 F9003026 F9004026 F9006012   
245 F9000028 F9002025 F9003025 F9004025 F9006011   
240 F9000027 F9002024 F9003024 F9004024 F9006010   
237 F9000026 F9002023 F9003023 F9004023 F9006009   
235 F9000025 F9002022 F9003022 F9004022 F9006008   
230 F9000024 F9002021 F9003021 F9004021 F9006007   
223 F9000023 F9002020 F9003020 F9004020 F9006006   
220 F9000022 F9002019 F9003019 F9004019 F9006005   
215 * F9000021 F9002018 F9003018 F9004018 F9006004   
212 F9000020 F9002017 F9003017 F9004017 F9006003   
210 F9000019 F9002016 F9003016 F9004016 F9006002   
205 F9000018 F9002015 F9003015 F9004015 F9006001   
202 F9000017 F9002014 F9003014 F9004014    
186 F9000016 F9002013 F9003013 F9004013    
183 F9000015 F9002012 F9003012 F9004012    
182 F9000014 F9002011 F9003011 F9004011    
180 F9000013 F9002010 F9003010 F9004010    
175 F9000012 F9002009 F9003009 F9004009    
175 F9000010 F9002008 F9003008 F9004008    
174 F9000009 F9002007 F9003007 F9004007    
173 F9000008 F9002006 F9003006 F9004006    
172 F9000007 F9002005 F9003005 F9004005    
171 F9000006 F9002004 F9003004 F9004004    
161 F9000005 F9002003 F9003003 F9004003    
152 F9000004 F9002002 F9003002 F9004002    
151 F9000003 F9002001 F9003001 F9004001    
150 F9000001       
  NOTES (*):
  Users who run R7.2, R8.1 or R8.2 should install F9000022-old-os.pkg.Z see Notice
  All patches for cross-compilers, starting with rev 215 and later are based on FlexLM. More information here.