Dear Sirs,

This is to formally announce C++/SX Rev.071 incompatibility.

On December 21, we will issue the ILCs of C++/SX Rev.071 including enhanced
and improved Standard C++ Library which has been formally released by C++/SX
Rev.070 in SUPER-UX R16.1. The enhancement and improvement are attended with
an incompatibility of object files made by C++/SX Rev.069 or before. An user
may fail at the linking of those object files by C++/SX Rev.071 with
undefined symbol error and re-compilation is required.

When an object file fulfills the following conditions, the incompatibility
may occur.

(1) The object file was generated from a C++ program using Standard C++

(2) The C++/SX compiler to generate the object file was C++/SX Rev.069 or

(3) The compiler was multi-instance installed. The environment variable
SX_BASE_CPLUS was set before the compilation of the object file, i.e.,
the object file was not generated by the standard-installed compiler

In C++, the path-names of the compiler and compiler options of the
compilation are saved in a template information file in order to enable
the re-compilation for the template instantiation.

When an end-user used the non-standard-installed compiler (old compiler) by
setting SX_BASE_CPLUS, the path-name of the old compiler was saved in the
template information file. Therefore, the template instantiation using new
Standard C++ Library will not be done because the old compiler's Standard
C++ Library is taken, and the linking will fail.

Note: This incompatibility does not occur at the site where C++/SX compilers
were not multi-instance-installed.

We would like to ask you to refer to the attached documents before applying
the ILC (C++/SX Rev.071) for the detail.

- For any questions and comments regarding this matter, please feel free
to send the E-mail to the following address.


- ILC id of C++/SX Rev.071

CXX00031 (SELF)
CXX02031 (SUN)
CXX03031 (SGI)
CXX04031 (HP)
CXX05031 (IA-64 Linux)
CXX06031 (IA-32 Linux)

- Attached documents

C++/SX: Compatibility/Migration Notes (for System Administrators)

C++/SX: Compatibility/Migration Notes (for end-users)

* The documents are applied to the user when they upgrade C++/SX compiler
from Rev.069 or before to Rev.070 or later.

* The documents are also included in the ILC package files.